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DM Ravek
'The Puppet Master'

Ravek Hunter: Dungeon Master / Story Teller

If your group is looking for a Dungeon Master to run a DnD5e one-shot, short series of adventures or a long-term campaign, send Ravek an email with the details of what you have in mind. Whether you prefer an adventure published by WotC, an old-school converted module or one of Ravek's own works, he will bring depth of story, humor, fun, and entertainment to any setting. Groups in South Florida may opt for in-person sessions while those outside the area can game over a Virtual Table Top such as Roll20. Unless otherwise provided, the Legends on Paper Discord server is the standard communication method we use in-game. Generally, games are planned to run 3-4 hours per session, but may be customized to fit a group’s schedule.

Rates are currently $25 per person, per game session, paid prior to each game via Paypal or Zelle. Purchasing multiple sessions at a time or a package may include the benefit of discounts and credits toward missed games due to unavoidable life events.

Should you be looking to join a group that is organizing or in need of replacement players, send Ravek your details via email and request to join the waiting list. 

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